Seong-Woo Yun

List of John Benjamins publications for which Seong-Woo Yun plays a role.


Lee, Hyang Marina and Seong-Woo Yun 2020 How can we improve the codes of ethics for translators?APTIF 9 - Reality vs. Illusion: From Morse code to machine translation, De Laet, Frans, In-kyoung Ahn and Joong-chol Kwak (eds.), pp. 706–718
As early as 1963, the FIT adopted the Translator’s Charter during the Congress at Dubrovnik, stipulating the rights, obligations, and social responsibilities of translators. The document inspired many professional translator associations to draft their own codes. These codes share a common goal: to… read more | Article
Postcolonial theory, widening the horizons of translation research, has played a significant role in the history of translation studies. But this interdisciplinary field was often neglected. This paper analyses two major authors of translation studies, Berman, French translator and theorist and… read more | Article
Yun, Seong-Woo et Hyang Marina Lee 2008 La Philosophie de la traduction - de Schleiermacher à Ricoeur -FORUM 6:1, pp. 179–192
The present article focuses on a hermeneutic approach to translation, namely ‘philosophy of translation.’ Being too abstract and too speculative, this type of research approach has been relatively neglected in recent translation studies. The core translation theories of fourphilosophers… read more | Article