Melani Schröter

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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Schröter, Melani, Marie Veniard, Charlotte Taylor and Andreas Blätte. 2019. Chapter 1. A comparative analysis of the keyword multicultural(ism) in French, British, German and Italian migration discourse. Migration and Media: Discourses about identities in crisis, Viola, Lorella and Andreas Musolff (eds.), pp. 13–44
This chapter looks into discourses about migration in four European countries through the lens of cultural keywords (cf. Williams 1983; Bennett et al. 2005; Wierzbicka 1997); using Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis, it compares the use of the keywords multicultural and multiculturalism. The study… read more | Chapter
Schröter, Melani. 2018. How words behave in other languages: The use of German Nazi vocabulary in English. Anglo-German Discourse Crossings and Contrasts, Jaworska, Sylvia and Torsten Leuschner (eds.), pp. 91–116
This paper undertakes a systematic investigation into the use of German Nazi vocabulary in English. Nazi vocabulary is checked for frequency of occurrence in a large web corpus of English and then, where it occurs, for reference to Nazi discourse. Next, its frequency is compared to similar French… read more | Article
This article suggests a theoretical and methodological framework for a systematic contrastive discourse analysis across languages and discourse communities through keywords. This constitutes a lexical approach to discourse analysis which is considered to be particularly fruitful for comparative… read more | Article
Corpus-assisted analyses of public discourse often focus on the lexical level. This article argues in favour of corpus-assisted analyses of discourse, but also in favour of conceptualising salient lexical items in public discourse in a more determined way. It draws partly on non-Anglophone academic… read more | Article
This article suggests that the addressees as the dialogical ‘other’ loom large in monological political speeches. However, political speeches are produced under conditions of addressee heterogeneity, i.e. the speakers do not actually know who they will be talking to. It will be argued that the… read more | Article