Robert T. Craig

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robert T. Craig plays a role.

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Tracy, Karen and Robert T. Craig. 2019. Decision announcements in small claims court: A recurring judge dilemma. Dialogue in institutional settings, Orletti, Franca and Letizia Caronia (eds.), pp. 65–83
This study analyzes judges’ decision announcements at the end of small claims hearings when the judge informs the parties who has won. Background on US small claims courts is provided, and the data and grounded practical theory, the analytic approach, are described. Then, we overview the small… read more | Article
Craig, Robert T. 2012. The metadiscourse of “voice”: Legitimizing participation in dialogue. (Re)presentations and Dialogue, Cooren, François and Alain Létourneau (eds.), pp. 125–142
Discourse analysis of a sample of arguments about “voice” found in online searches supports tentative conclusions about the normative structure of this concept in ordinary metadiscourse. Centrally concerned with “voice” in the sense of “having voice” (legitimate participation) in a communicative… read more | Article
Craig, Robert T. 2012. Chapter 5. Arguments about ‘rhetoric’ in the 2008 US presidential election campaign. Exploring Argumentative Contexts, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Bart Garssen (eds.), pp. 79–94
Barack Obama’s prowess in the art of rhetoric, for which he had gained a national reputation with a stirring keynote speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, was much commented upon during the 2008 US presidential election campaign and became a stimulus for public debate on the necessity,… read more | Article
Action-implicative discourse analysis (AIDA) is an ethnographically informed discourse-analytic approach that works to provide normative understandings of situated communicative practices that are action-implicative for social life. Extending the logic of grounded practical theory (Craig and Tracy… read more | Article
Regarding ‘dialogue’ as a normative rather than a purely descriptive concept, this study describes the rhetoric of practical arguments about the possibility or impossibility of dialogue in a corpus of discourse samples primarily drawn from the Internet. Political, social, and personal domains of… read more | Article
Craig, Robert T. and Karen Tracy. 2005. 1. “The issue” in argumentative practice and theory. Argumentation in Practice, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Peter Houtlosser (eds.), pp. 11–28