Miriam A. Locher

Miriam A. Locher

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Relational work in Facebook and discussion boards/fora. Special issue of Pragmatics 25:1 (2015)
Edited by Miriam A. Locher, Brook Bolander and Nicole Höhn
[Pragmatics, 25:1]  2015.  122 pp.
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Narrative Matters in Medical Contexts across Disciplines
Edited by Franziska Gygax and Miriam A. Locher
[Studies in Narrative, 20]  2015.  vii, 217 pp.
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Advice in Discourse
Edited by Holger Limberg and Miriam A. Locher
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 221]  2012.  ix, 376 pp.

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