Steven M. Miller

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Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Neuropsychology
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Neuropsychology


The science of consciousness is founded on identifying the minimally sufficient neural correlates of consciousness. However, I have argued that science really seeks identification of the neural constitution of consciousness, and that there are no empirical strategies for distinguishing the… read more
Ngo, Trung T., Wendy N. Barsdell, Phillip C.F. Law and Steven M. Miller 2013 Binocular rivalry, brain stimulation and bipolar disorderThe Constitution of Visual Consciousness: Lessons from Binocular Rivalry, Miller, Steven M. (ed.), pp. 211–252 | Article
Mechanistic understanding of binocular rivalry (BR) has drawn upon psychophysical, electrophysiological and brain-imaging studies. The first brain stimulation approach occurred in the late 1990s and assessed a new mechanistic proposal, the interhemispheric switch (IHS) hypothesis. Both caloric… read more