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Crosslinguistic studies on motion events have revealed that S-languages demonstrate finer-grained lexical categories than V-languages in representing motion manners/gaits. But these studies were restricted to the semantic domain of motion events and confined to a limited number of S- or V-… read more | Article
Despite the fact that semantic change studies have intensively argued that intensional readings develop from the literal reading as a whole, diachronic prototype semantics proposes that intensional readings arise from the extensional subsets of the literal reading. This study empirically… read more | Article
This paper discusses the grammaticalization of motion verbs in Mandarin. A class of motion verbs in Mandarin that regularly appears at either V1 or V2 position in the V1+V2 construction is only grammaticalized at the V2 position, where the verb becomes a directional complement. We provide a… read more | Article
This study explores the conceptual boundaries among break, cut and open from an under-investigated diachronic perspective and addresses the diachronic conceptual variations of Chinese pò (‘break’), qiē (‘cut’) and kāi (‘open’). The Center for Chinese Linguistics corpus is employed for the… read more | Article
Li, Fuyin Thomas 2019 Evolutionary order of macro-events in MandarinCorpus Approaches to Language, Thought and Communication, Lu, Wei-lun, Naděžda Kudrnáčová and Laura A. Janda (eds.), pp. 155–186
This article aims to explore the evolutionary order of the five types of macro-event in Mandarin. As a methodology, a closed corpus is set up for five historical stages. The following is concluded: (1) The “V+C” constructions representing a macro-event started to appear from Stage III and continued… read more | Article