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Nejjari, Warda, Marinel Gerritsen en Monique van der Haagen 2007 De Attitudes Van Het Britten Tegenover Sprekers Van Nederlands-EngelsToegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 77, pp. 57–66
This paper reports on a between subject experiment inwhich the attitudes of 144 highly educated British professionals towards Dutch-accented English and RP were measured. Half of the respondents were familiar with Dutch English, and half unfamiliar. The test items consisted of samples of RP,… read more | Article
Gerritsen, Marinel, Ulrike Nederstigt and Fabia Orlandini 2006 Differences between Germany and the Netherlands in patient package leaflets for Ibuprofen 400 tablets and consequences for adequate drug useInformation and Document Design: Varieties on Recent Research, Carliner, Saul, Jan Piet Verckens and Cathy de Waele (eds.), pp. 105–128
Gerritsen, Marinel 2002 Dutch. Towards a more gender-fair usage in Netherlands DutchGender Across Languages: The linguistic representation of women and men, Hellinger, Marlis and Hadumod Bußmann (eds.), pp. 81–108
1.Introduction 2. Selected structural properties of Dutch 2.1 Grammatical gender 2.2 Gender-specific vs. gender-indefinite personal nouns 2.3 The morphology of personal nouns 2.3.1 Derivation 2.3.2 Compounding 3. Gender-biased usage: Variation and tendencies… read more | Article
Response rate is of great importance for the representativeness of a study. When it is low, there is a chance that response is selective, as the people who refuse may constitute a selective sample of the target population. Much research has already been done into the sociopsychological aspects… read more | Article
Gerritsen, Marinel 2001 Changes in professional terms in the Netherlands: Anglicisation and the neutralisation of genderLinguistics in the Netherlands 2001, Wouden, Ton van der and Hans Broekhuis (eds.), pp. 101–111
Gerritsen, Marinel, Frank van Meurs and Wendy Diepstraten 2001 Consumers iews on text characteristics of product recall noticesThe Pragmatics of Crisis, Jacobs, Geert and Luuk Van Waes (eds.), pp. 258–271
Consumers who have suffered as a result of a product defect can claim compensation from the producer. By placing a product recall notice, producers can reduce their liability. Ideally, such a notice should protect the image of the company as well as warn consumers. The problem is that a clear… read more | Article
Gerritsen, Marinel 1981 Review of Chambers & Peter (1980): DialectologyEnglish World-Wide 2:1, pp. 111–114
Gerritsen, Marinel 1980 An analysis of the rise of SOV patterns in dutchPapers from the Fourth International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Stanford, March 26–30 1979, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs, Rebecca Labrum and Susan C. Shepherd (eds.), pp. 123–136
Gerritsen, Marinel, Dédé Brouwer en Dorian de Haan 1978 Verschillen in Taalgebruik Tussen Vrouwen en Mannen: Een Dood Spoor?Toegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 4, pp. 52–75
The methods and techniques used in sociolinguistics have been continually improved in recent years. Yet the claims that have been made about differences of degree between the language used by women and that used by men, are mostly based on the introspection method. This paper reports on a… read more | Article