Muhammad Shakir

List of John Benjamins publications for which Muhammad Shakir plays a role.


Shakir, Muhammad 2023 Functions of code-switching in online registers of Pakistani EnglishNew Englishes, New Methods, Wilson, Guyanne and Michael Westphal (eds.), pp. 42–64 | Chapter
This chapter analyzes online registers of Pakistani English to identify (socio)linguistic functions for code-switching to indigenous languages. Predominantly English texts containing code-switching instances to Urdu and other Pakistani languages were selected. A corpus of about 1.2 million words… read more
Shakir, Muhammad and Dagmar Deuber 2019 A Multidimensional Analysis of Pakistani and U.S. English blogs and columnsEnglish World-Wide 40:1, pp. 1–24 | Article
The present study is a Multidimensional Analysis (MDA) of English blogs and newspaper columns originating from Pakistan and the U.S. using MDA dimensions reported in Grieve et al. (2010): (i) Informational versus Personal Focus; (ii) Addressee Focus; (iii) Thematic Variation; and (iv) Narrative… read more