Rogier Blokland

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rogier Blokland plays a role.



Inaba, Nobufumi and Rogier Blokland 2019 Predicative possession in South SaamiPossession in Languages of Europe and North and Central Asia, Johanson, Lars, Lidia Federica Mazzitelli and Irina Nevskaya (eds.), pp. 103–123
In this paper, we analyse and describe the HAVE-constructions in South Saami (Saamic, Uralic), from a comparative perspective with other Saamic and Uralic languages. The Saamic languages can be divided into three subgroups: in the first, HAVE is expressed with a verb meaning ‘to be’; the second has… read more | Chapter
Blokland, Rogier and Nobufumi Inaba 2015 Negation in South SaamiNegation in Uralic Languages, Miestamo, Matti, Anne Tamm and Beáta Wagner-Nagy (eds.), pp. 377–398
Standard negation in South Saami utilizes a negative auxiliary, which has two tenses (present and preterite), and connegative forms of the lexical verb. The negative auxiliary has a full personal paradigm in the imperative (except for the third person dual), whilst normal verbs only have a second… read more | Article
Blokland, Rogier and Cornelius Hasselblatt 2003 The endangered Uralic languagesLanguage Death and Language Maintenance: Theoretical, practical and descriptive approaches, Janse, Mark and Sijmen Tol (eds.), pp. 107–141