Martina Hielscher-Fastabend

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martina Hielscher-Fastabend plays a role.


Hielscher-Fastabend, Martina 2015 Mood, aphasia, and affective language comprehensionEmotion in Language: Theory – research – application, Lüdtke, Ulrike M. (ed.), pp. 367–398 | Article
Understanding the emotional content in the words of others and reacting in an adequate way are basic human competences. This article deals with some of the multiple facets of language comprehension and inferences on protagonists’ emotions depending on mood and neuropsychological factors. The… read more
Jaecks, Petra, Oliver Damm, Martina Hielscher-Fastabend, Karoline Malchus, Prisca Stenneken and Britta Wrede 2013 What is the link between emotional 
and communicative alignment in interaction?Alignment in Communication: Towards a new theory of communication, Wachsmuth, Ipke, Jan de Ruiter, Petra Jaecks and Stefan Kopp (eds.), pp. 205–224 | Article
In accordance with accumulating evidence from research, we assume a strong but flexible relation between emotional and communicative alignment in interaction. The communicative function of emotional adaptation, the processing of emotions on all linguistic levels and the empirical evidence in… read more