Chiara Degano

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Most works on populism framed in a discourse-analytic perspective focus on the features of populist discourse itself, contributing greatly to the understanding of the phenomenon. However, a full understanding of populism should also consider the ways in which notions of populism are constructed,… read more | Chapter
This chapter contributes to the ongoing debate on the possibility and realizations of visual arguments, focussing on advertisements produced by NGOs as part of their campaigns – image-based messages that are inherently argumentative and whose reach, thanks to the Web, extends well beyond the time… read more | Chapter
This paper explores the viability of a synergy between corpus linguistics and the study of argumentation in context. While quantitative approaches to the study of discourse have been profitably integrated at the levels of lexico-grammar and syntax, more rarely has this been the case for higher… read more | Article
Degano, Chiara 2014 US National Security Strategy: Different presidencies, different rhetoric?Let's talk politics: New essays on deliberative rhetoric, Van Belle, Hilde, Kris Rutten, Paul Gillaerts, Dorien Van De Mieroop and Baldwin Van Gorp (eds.), pp. 149–169
The paper analyzes strategic maneuvering in National Security Strategy reports, crucial documents within the repertoire of US presidential discourse, whereby the Administration’s plans for security are laid out before the Congress and the world. Building on the pragma-dialectical approach, and… read more | Article
This paper investigates variation in argumentative discourse as a consequence of the passage from traditional linear texts to hypertext, focusing in particular on NGOs’ campaigning on the web. The analysis, which combines linguistic and argumentation theory perspectives (drawing for the latter on… read more | Article