Chen-Sheng Luther Liu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chen-Sheng Luther Liu plays a role.



In this study, I first provide an in-depth study on the TSM ho-V construction with a monosyllabic V, especially on the morpho-syntactic function and the degree-introducing function of the morpheme ho ‘hoVD’. Then, based on Liu’s (2020) study on the TSM u-V construction, I comprehensively compare… read more | Article
In the duō event quantity construction, duō ‘much’ is a quantity adjective. What duō ‘much’ modifies is the root of the verb and the root has to move to the light verb position to be categorically defined. The quantity adjective duō ‘much’ functions to introduce a measure function which measures… read more | Article
Instead of classifying natural languages in terms of their answering systems for polar questions, this study investigates how languages construct the answering system for the polar questions with a special concentration on the answering system of the Chinese ma particle question and English polar… read more | Article
This article discusses the syntax and semantics of the DS comparative in Chinese, which is an adjectival comparative in which the sequence gèng duō ‘even-more much’ occurs as the degree búyǔ complement clause of the matrix adjective. The element duō ‘much’ is a quantity-adjective that interacts… read more | Article
In Chinese, temporary classifiers form together with classifiers like piàn ‘piece’, tuán ‘something ball-shaped’, gǔ ‘stream or stand’ and pài ‘faction or clique’ a type of classifiers that has both mass and count forms. When occurring with the determinative quantifier yī to create a structure… read more | Article