Giuliana Giusti

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Pseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions

Edited by Giuliana Giusti, Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro and Daniel Ross

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 274] 2022. vii, 342 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Advances in Roumanian Linguistics

Edited by Guglielmo Cinque and Giuliana Giusti

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 10] 1995. xi, 172 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Giusti, Giuliana and Anna Cardinaletti 2022 Chapter 2. Theory-driven approaches and empirical advances: A protocol for Pseudo-Coordinations and Multiple Agreement Constructions in Italo-RomancePseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions, Giusti, Giuliana, Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro and Daniel Ross (eds.), pp. 35–64 | Chapter
Italo-Romance varieties present at least three types of constructions that cluster together two verbs displaying double tense and double subject agreement and are taken as Pseudo-Coordinations (PseCos) or Multiple Agreement Constructions (MACs). In this paper, we follow Cardinaletti and Giusti’s… read more
Giusti, Giuliana, Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro and Daniel Ross 2022 Chapter 1. Pseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions: An overviewPseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions, Giusti, Giuliana, Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro and Daniel Ross (eds.), pp. 1–32 | Chapter
This introductory chapter provides background on the phenomena of Pseudo-Coordination (PseCo) and Multiple Agreement Constructions (MACs) with the aim of familiarizing readers with major trends in previous research on these varied phenomena. Common structural and functional properties used to… read more
This paper provides an overview of the different dimensions of variation found in the Inflected Construction (IC) (cf. Cardinaletti and Giusti 2001, 2003) arising with motion verbs in most Sicilian dialects. It does so by discussing data from the dialect of Delia (Caltanissetta) at face value with… read more
This paper claims that feature sharing should be analyzed as the result of at least two different processes, which are named here Agreement and Concord, and inquires how these two processes are manifested inside nominal expressions (NEs). Agreement is the transfer of the Person features of the… read more
Giusti, Giuliana and Melita Stavrou 2008 13. Possessive clitics in the DP: Doubling or dislocation?Clitic Doubling in the Balkan Languages, Kallulli, Dalina and Liliane Tasmowski (eds.), pp. 389–433 | Article
Despite the extensive, long standing and multi-focused literature on clitics and clitic doubling in the clause, clitic doubling in the dp is a phenomenon still very little, if at all, understood. Our primary concern in this paper is to contribute to the literature on possessor doubling by looking… read more
Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila and Giuliana Giusti 1999 Possessors in the Bulgarian DPTopics in South Slavic Syntax and Semantics, Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila and Lars Hellan (eds.), pp. 163 ff. | Article
Dimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila and Giuliana Giusti 1998 Fragments of Balkan Nominal StructurePossessors, Predicates and Movement in the Determiner Phrase, Alexiadou, Artemis and Chris Wilder (eds.), pp. 333 ff. | Article
Cinque, Guglielmo and Giuliana Giusti 1995 IntroductionAdvances in Roumanian Linguistics, Cinque, Guglielmo and Giuliana Giusti (eds.), pp. vii ff. | Miscellaneous
Giusti, Giuliana 1995 Heads and Modifiers among Determiners: Evidence from RumanianAdvances in Roumanian Linguistics, Cinque, Guglielmo and Giuliana Giusti (eds.), pp. 103 ff. | Article