Amparo Alcina

Amparo Alcina

List of John Benjamins publications for which Amparo Alcina plays a role.


Terminology and e-dictionaries

Edited by Amparo Alcina, Rute Costa and Christophe Roche

Special issue of Terminology 25:2 (2019) v, 152 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology | Translation Studies
Subjects Terminology

Teaching and Learning Terminology: New strategies and methods

Edited by Amparo Alcina

Special issue of Terminology 15:1 (2009) 149 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology


Roche, Christophe, Amparo Alcina and Rute Costa. 2019. Terminological resources in the digital age. Terminology and e-dictionaries, Alcina, Amparo, Rute Costa and Christophe Roche (eds.), pp. 139–145
In this article we present a catalogue of conceptual relationships in which each relationship is defined formally in terms of its properties and the nature of the conceptual classes involved. By making explicit the conceptual relationships of the catalogue using the standard ontology editor Protégé… read more | Article
Translation technologies constitute an important new field of interdisciplinary study lying midway between computer science and translation, and its professional development will largely depend on the attention it is given from the academic point of view. In this paper different approaches to the… read more | Article
This paper presents a catalogue of lexical patterns in Spanish for extracting semi-automatically concepts linked by the part-whole relation in the ceramics subject area. These lexical patterns have been obtained from the analysis of a corpus of texts about ceramics in which the linguistic… read more | Article