Sarah D'Hertefelt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sarah D'Hertefelt plays a role.


D'Hertefelt, Sarah 2017 Directive conditional and complement insubordination in Germanic languagesImperatives and Directive Strategies, Van Olmen, Daniël and Simone Heinold (eds.), pp. 209–240
This paper deals with independent or insubordinate conditional and complement clauses that express directive meanings. On a descriptive level, I show that a variety of directive subtypes can be distinguished for both strategies, i.e. requests and threats for the conditional constructions and… read more | Chapter
Verstraete, Jean-Christophe and Sarah D'Hertefelt 2016 Chapter 3. Running in the family: Patterns of complement insubordination in GermanicInsubordination, Evans, Nicholas and Honoré Watanabe (eds.), pp. 65–88
This chapter provides a survey of insubordination patterns (as defined by Evans 2007) in five Germanic languages, Dutch, German, English, Swedish and Danish. The analysis focuses on a type of insubordination that is productive in many Germanic languages, viz. insubordinate complement clauses,… read more | Article
Verstraete, Jean-Christophe, Sarah D'Hertefelt and An Van linden 2012 A typology of complement insubordination in DutchStudies in Language 36:1, pp. 123–153
This paper presents an analysis of complement insubordination in Dutch, i.e. structures that are formally marked as subordinate complement clauses but conventionally used as main clauses. We develop a typology of seven distinct construction types (in three semantic domains), none of which have been… read more | Article