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Jennifer Cabrelli

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Third Language Acquisition in Adulthood

Edited by Jennifer Cabrelli, Suzanne Flynn and Jason Rothman

[Studies in Bilingualism, 46] 2012. vii, 312 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Psycholinguistics


This study examines five variables posited to drive(s) initial phonological transfer of (part of) one system over another in an L3: language status (L1/L2), facilitation, global structural similarity, dominance, and bilingual experience. Specifically, we investigate production of intervocalic… read more | Article
Cabrelli, Jennifer, Michael Iverson, David Giancaspro and Becky Halloran González. 2020. The roles of L1 Spanish versus L2 Spanish in L3 Portuguese morphosyntactic development. Linguistic Approaches to Portuguese as an Additional Language, Molsing, Karina Veronica, Cristina Becker Lopes Perna and Ana Maria Tramunt Ibaños (eds.), pp. 11–33
This study explores the rate of L3 development among learners that transfer their L1 versus L2, via examination of differential object marking (DOM) by English/Spanish bilingual learners of L3 Brazilian Portuguese (BP). At the L3 initial stages, L1 English/L2 Spanish and L1 Spanish/L1 English… read more | Chapter
This chapter examines phonological factors of Spanish/English word-internal code-switching. Specifically, we empirically test the claim that a code-switched word cannot contain phonological elements from two languages (Bandi-Rao & den Dikken, 2014; MacSwan & Colina, 2014). In this pilot study we… read more | Chapter
This study investigates the extent to which L1 versus adult L2 syntactic systems resist influence from a third language (L3) via observation of the effect of Brazilian Portuguese (BP) on Spanish in L1 Spanish/L2 English and L1 English/L2 Spanish bilinguals that are advanced L3 BP speakers. We… read more | Chapter
The present study examines three competing models of morphosyntactic transfer in third language (L3) acquisition, examining the particular domain of the feature configuration of embedded T in L3 Brazilian Portuguese (BP) at the initial stages and then through development. The methodology alternates… read more | Article
Cabrelli, Jennifer. 2012. L3 phonology: An understudied domain. Third Language Acquisition in Adulthood, Cabrelli, Jennifer, Suzanne Flynn and Jason Rothman (eds.), pp. 33–60
Regardless of the reasons for which L3 phonology has not received its due attention in acquisition research in the past, its growth over the last few years has been significant. Notwithstanding, what we know within this domain thus far barely scratches the surface of what we endeavor to uncover.… read more | Article
Cabrelli, Jennifer, Suzanne Flynn and Jason Rothman. 2012. Third language (L3) acquisition in adulthood. Third Language Acquisition in Adulthood, Cabrelli, Jennifer, Suzanne Flynn and Jason Rothman (eds.), pp. 1–6