Louise M. Jansen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Louise M. Jansen plays a role.


Li, Ran and Louise M. Jansen 2023 Chapter 10. The acquisition of polar questions in Chinese learners of English as a foreign language: A processability approachProcessability and Language Acquisition in the Asia-Pacific Region, Kawaguchi, Satomi, Bruno Di Biase and Yumiko Yamaguchi (eds.), pp. 260–281 | Chapter
This chapter investigates the acquisition of English polar questions in a cross-sectional study of nine Chinese junior high school learners acquiring English as a Foreign Language in Inner Mongolia (China). Conducted within a Processability Theory framework, in particular the recently proposed… read more
Liddicoat, Anthony J., Chantal Crozet, Louise M. Jansen and Gabriele Schmidt 1997 The role of language learning in academic education: An overviewAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 20:2, pp. 19–32 | Article
Language learning has rarely had a secure place in perceptions of teriary education and is coming increasingly under threat as the result of tightening budgets in Australian Universities. This paper examines the role of language learning as a part of tertiary education. It argues that language… read more