Masako U. Fidler

List of John Benjamins publications for which Masako U. Fidler plays a role.


Cvrček, Václav and Masako U. Fidler 2019 Chapter 5. More than keywords: Discourse prominence analysis of the Russian Web Portal Sputnik Czech RepublicPolitical Discourse in Central, Eastern and Balkan Europe, Berrocal, Martina and Aleksandra Salamurović (eds.), pp. 93–118 | Chapter
The interpretation of a text usually starts with finding what is striking. Keyword analysis is a widely used corpus linguistic method that helps identify words as possible carriers of prominent topics in a text. It identifies words with significantly higher relative frequency in a target text when… read more
Fidler, Masako U. 2019 Chapter 8. The power of ‘not saying who’ in Czech onomatopoeiaIdeophones, Mimetics and Expressives, Akita, Kimi and Prashant Pardeshi (eds.), pp. 199–228 | Chapter