Markéta Malá

List of John Benjamins publications for which Markéta Malá plays a role.



Malá, Markéta, Denisa Šebestová and Jiří Milička 2021 The expression of time in English and Czech children’s literature: A contrastive phraseological perspectiveTime in Languages, Languages in Time, Čermáková, Anna, Thomas Egan, Hilde Hasselgård and Sylvi Rørvik (eds.), pp. 283–304 | Chapter
This chapter explores the expression of the concept of time in children’s narrative fiction cross-linguistically, comparing Czech and English. Specifically, it analyses multi-word units and patterns which the respective languages employ when referring to time. The new Engrammer software was… read more
Malá, Markéta and Gabriela Brůhová 2019 English presentative semantic patterns as seen through a parallel translation corpusLanguages in Contrast 19:2, pp. 232–255 | Article
The present paper studies the English presentative semantic pattern whose function is to introduce a new phenomenon into the discourse, relating it to an already established location. A contrastive (English-Czech) cross-linguistic corpus-assisted approach is applied to explore syntactically… read more
The study explores overt non-prepositional English translation correspondences of the four most common Czech prepositions, v/ve, na, s/se, and z/ze (‘in, on, with, from’). Some of the divergent counterparts are conditioned lexically or peculiar to one preposition. However, some of the most frequent… read more
Malá, Markéta 2013 Translation counterparts as markers of meaning: The case of copular verbs in a parallel English–Czech corpusText-based contrastive linguistics, Altenberg, Bengt and Karin Aijmer (eds.), pp. 170–192 | Article
The paper explores the applicability of a method of contrastive corpus-supported research which relies on the use of salient translation counterparts as markers of a particular meaning. The markers are identified among the Czech counterparts of the individual semantic sub-classes of English copular… read more