Shuhua Zhou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Shuhua Zhou plays a role.


Through a thematic meta-analysis, the current study examined theoretical, topical, and methodological trends of agenda-setting research over time from 1972 through 2015. Research trends, topics, media, methods, and utilization of other theories in agendasetting studies were discussed along with… read more
Zhou, Shuhua, Chia-Hsin Pan and Xin Zhong 2008 12. Effects of rationality and story attributes on perceptions of SARS perceptionThe Social Construction of SARS: Studies of a health communication crisis, Powers, John H. and Xiaosui Xiao (eds.), pp. 223–240 | Article
Social perception and the construction of social reality are intrinsically linked. This study tested the conjoint effects of participant rationality and two story attributes, severity and context, on perception of the SARS threat and on story evaluation. Participants’ rationality was assessed by… read more