Virginie Loranger

List of John Benjamins publications for which Virginie Loranger plays a role.


The form fu (variant u) fulfills several functions. It is a preposition, a mood marker, and a complementizer. Finally, in some contexts, fu appears to function as a case marker. This chapter provides a detailed inventory of all the functions of fu and a detailed description of its properties for… read more | Article
This chapter bears on the properties and on the historical derivation of the multifunctional lexical item táa in Saramaccan. Táa fulfills several functions: it may be used as a verb, a complementizer, a quotative marker, and as a marker conveying similarity or manner. Táa is thus a multifunctional… read more | Article
The formfu(variantu) fulfills several functions. It is a preposition selecting NPs and clauses, tensed or infinitival. It is a mood marker occurring either between the subject and the verb, or before the subject. It is a complementiser selected by predicates of thewant-class; as such it is in a… read more | Article