Jennifer Hendriks

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Investigating West Germanic Languages: Studies in honor of Robert B. Howell

Edited by Jennifer Hendriks and B. Richard Page

[Studies in Germanic Linguistics, 8] 2024. vi, 327 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Word order variation in Dutch two-verb clusters continues to attract the attention of linguists from a variety of perspectives. Most accounts have a contemporary focus and diachronic developments therefore remain poorly understood. Rather than simply marshalling more evidence from more… read more
Acquisition research involving speakers of mutually intelligible varieties (dialects) or mutually unintelligible varieties (languages) reveals a wide range of possible acquisition outcomes at different life stages and their potential to shape language change across the community. Since contexts… read more
Hendriks, Jennifer and B. Richard Page 2024 Investigating West Germanic LanguagesInvestigating West Germanic Languages: Studies in honor of Robert B. Howell, Hendriks, Jennifer and B. Richard Page (eds.), pp. 2–11 | Chapter
The dative reanalysis ‘origins’ explanation for prenominal periphrastic possessive constructions (PPPCs) in Dutch has been maintained for well over a century. This paper brings new evidence to bear on this hypothesis, arguing that while genitive relational case marking on the possessor NP in… read more