Hironori Nishi

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The present study examines no datta and no de atta, which are the past-tense forms of no da and no de aru in written Japanese. The analysis demonstrates that the choice between the present-tense no da/no de aru and the past-tense no datta/no de atta does not affect the temporal interpretation when… read more
The present study examines cases of the Japanese copula da used in the utterance-final position in naturally occurring conversations. The morpheme da in Japanese is typically categorized as a type of copula in linguistic studies, but da also functions as an utterance-final expression, especially in… read more
The present study examined English textbooks used in Japanese middle and high schools, and analyzed to what extent the English words that are included in those textbooks are already integrated into the vocabulary pool of Japanese as loanwords. The findings of the present study showed that… read more
The present study examined the recordings of naturally occurring conversations among native speakers of Japanese, and analyzed the cases of iya ‘no’ that are uttered in response to yes-no questions. The analysis has shown that iya can be uttered in response to a yes-no question even when the… read more
Nishi, Hironori 2018 An overview of the Japanese quotative itta and itte ita Pragmatics 28:1, pp. 93–112 | Article
The present study provides an overview of the quotative utterances made with itta (past form of iu ‘to say’) and itte ita (the combination of iu and the past form of the -te iru construction) in naturally occurring conversations in Japanese. The examination of approximately 13 hours of… read more