Alice Foucart

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alice Foucart plays a role.


Moreno, Eva M., Clara D. Martin and Alice Foucart 2023 Chapter 6. Lexical anticipation in bilingualsBilingualism through the Prism of Psycholinguistics: In honour of Albert Costa, Santesteban, Mikel, Jon Andoni Duñabeitia and Cristina Baus (eds.), pp. 181–204 | Chapter
This chapter aims to acknowledge Prof. Albert Costa’s contribution to the research field of language anticipation in L2 readers/listeners. It starts with a brief introduction to contrasting psycholinguistic models regarding the issue of lexical pre-activation during language comprehension and it… read more
It is currently accepted that native speakers regularly predict upcoming elements during language comprehension. Empirical evidence suggests that the ability to predict is not as stable in a second language (L2) compared to the first language (L1). One factor that may affect prediction in an L2 is… read more
Frenck-Mestre, Cheryl, Haydee Carrasco-Ortiz, Judith McLaughlin, Lee Osterhout and Alice Foucart 2010 Linguistic input factors in native and L2 processing of inflectional morphology: Evidence from ERPs and behavioral studiesThe Processing of Input in Second Language Acquisition / Le traitement de l'input dans l'acquisition des langues étrangères, Véronique, Georges Daniel (ed.), pp. 206–228 | Article
Numerous studies have examined the processing of inflectional morphology by second language learners, with the underlying aim of determining whether native-like processing can ever be attained. Indeed, this is an area where L2 speakers show notorious deficits, in contrast to the achievement of… read more
Frenck-Mestre, Cheryl, Alice Foucart, Haydee Carrasco-Ortiz and Julia Herschensohn 2009 Processing of grammatical gender in French as a first and second language: Evidence from ERPsEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 9 (2009), Roberts, Leah, Georges Daniel Véronique, Anna Nilsson and Marion Tellier (eds.), pp. 76–106 | Article
The present study examined the processing of grammatical gender in second language (L2) French as a function of language background (Experiment 1) and as a function of overt phonetic properties of agreement (Experiment 2) by examining Event Related Potential (ERP) responses to gender discord in L2… read more