Anika Lloyd-Smith

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anika Lloyd-Smith plays a role.



Lloyd-Smith, Anika and Tanja Kupisch 2023 Methodological challenges in working with Indigenous communitiesEpistemological issue: The dynamics of bilingualism in language shift ecologies, Flores, Cristina and Neal Snape (eds.), pp. 65–69 | Commentary
This chapter is concerned with Turkish heritage speakers (HSs) in Germany, here exemplified by 21 early bilinguals during adulthood who live in Hamburg, North Germany. We introduce the population, report their self-perceived proficiency and propose the Turkish Use Score (TUS) that is based on… read more
Lloyd-Smith, Anika, Fatih Bayram and Michael Iverson 2020 Chapter 4. The effects of heritage language experience on lexical and morphosyntactic outcomesStudies in Turkish as a Heritage Language, Bayram, Fatih (ed.), pp. 63–84 | Chapter
In heritage language (HL) bilingualism, recent work has focused on understanding the dynamic effects that different input types can have on heritage language development and outcomes (e.g., Bayram et al., 2017; Kupisch & Rothman, 2018; Polinsky, 2018; Putnam & Sanchez, 2013; Karayayla & Schmid,… read more
Lloyd-Smith, Anika, Henrik Gyllstad and Tanja Kupisch 2017 Transfer into L3 English: Global accent in German-dominant heritage speakers of TurkishLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 7:2, pp. 131–162 | Article
This study is concerned with L3 acquisition in heritage speakers (HSs). The goals are to incorporate HSs into L3 acquisition research and investigate the role of language dominance for predicting L3 transfer. We analyze global accent in German-Turkish early bilinguals, HSs of Turkish, who… read more