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Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | History of linguistics


Swiggers, Pierre, Werner Thomas and Toon Van Hal 2021 On the ‘affinities of Oriental languages’: Wilhelm von Humboldt and his British connectionsMissionary Linguistics VI: Missionary Linguistics in Asia, Zwartjes, Otto and Paolo De Troia (eds.), pp. 265–288
Review article
Geudens, Christophe and Toon Van Hal 2017 The Role of Vernacular Proverbs in Latin Language Acquisition, c. 1200–1600: An exploratory studyLatin Grammars in Transition, 1200 - 1600, Luhtala, Anneli and Mark E. Amsler (eds.), pp. 278–305
This paper examines the continuities and discontinuities in language teaching between the Middle Ages and the early modern era by drawing attention to the role of bilingual Latin-vernacular proverb collections in premodern education, a subject that has hitherto been neglected in the historiography… read more | Article
Sanskrit has played a notable role in the history of the language sciences. Its intensive study at the turn of the 19th century went hand in hand with the institutionalization of linguistics as an independent academic discipline. This paper endeavours to trace the earliest Sanskrit studies… read more | Article
The academy memoir Zur Morphologie der Sprache which August Schleicher published in 1859 in the Saint-Petersburg Academy collection proposes an innovating classification, on a morphological basis, of the languages of the world. The work is based on a theory of the formal structure of the word; the… read more | Article
Renaissance Europe (re)discovered Persia and its language. Despite the sup­posed Semitic nature of Persian, some striking lexical similarities between this language and the Germanic languages became unmistakable to many Western scho­lars. Until the elaboration of comparative linguistics as an… read more | Article