Carlotta Viti

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Perspectives on Historical Syntax

Edited by Carlotta Viti

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 169] 2015. vi, 346 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Syntax


This paper discusses how the argument structure of experience predicates may be affected by semantic factors in Indo-European. I investigate whether the semantic role of the experiencer is preferably expressed by the nominative or by an oblique case in various predicates of volition, cognition,… read more | Article
Viti, Carlotta 2015 Historical syntax: Problems, materials, methods, hypothesesPerspectives on Historical Syntax, Viti, Carlotta (ed.), pp. 1–32
Viti, Carlotta 2008 The phylogenesis of hypotaxis in VedicDiachronica 25:3, pp. 386–409
Hypotaxis has been found since the earliest records of Vedic, especially for relative and adverbial functions. However, some adverbial relations more often resort to alternative structures such as clause juxtaposition, nominalization, or particles. The principles underlying the inconsistent… read more | Article
Information structure in the noun phrase remains unexplored or limited to the study of the s-form and the of-form in English, which are interpreted from the perspective of the Prague School. Accordingly, the prenominal s-form is chosen if the possessor expresses old information; conversely, if the… read more | Article