Susana Pérez Castillejo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Susana Pérez Castillejo plays a role.


This study investigates the phonetic implementation of Galician /ɛ-e/ and /ɔ-o/ as produced by Galician-Spanish early bilinguals. It examines whether there is variation that can be explained by differences in participants’ linguistic histories (as captured by their language dominance scores). Based… read more | Article
de la Fuente Iglesias, Mónica and Susana Pérez Castillejo 2020 Spanish mid vowels as sociolinguistic variables in GaliciaSpanish in Context 17:3, pp. 464–487
This paper analyzes the acoustic properties of Spanish stressed mid vowels from a corpus of over 2,800 tokens produced by Galician-dominant bilinguals and Spanish monolinguals. Following principles of bilingual speech production theory, we explore whether these vowels present lexically conditioned… read more | Article
Enfocándose en las redes sociales de once hablantes del centro-norte de España, este trabajo analiza la reducción de (s) implosiva en función del dialecto del interlocutor. Pese a la tendencia conservadora general, un análisis multivariante revela que el tiempo prolongado fuera de España, el alto… read more | Article