Annette Herkenrath

List of John Benjamins publications for which Annette Herkenrath plays a role.


Herkenrath, Annette and Birsel Karakoç 2023 Chapter 6. Connectivity of wh in bilingual Turkish: Developing a corpus-pragmatic filtering methodDiscourse Phenomena in Typological Perspective, Barotto, Alessandra and Simone Mattiola (eds.), pp. 135–165 | Chapter
This study tests a hypothesis regarding the connectivity of wh-constructions in spoken discourse data of Turkish-German bilingual children (the ENDFAS/SKOBI corpus), focusing on constructions involving one verbum dicendi: söyle‑ ‘say, tell, verbalise, utter’. It develops a corpus-pragmatic… read more
This is a qualitative case study of Turkish as a heritage language in Germany, viewed in the context of one adult speaker’s bilingualism: Sadık, a young worker and Turkish-German bilingual born and raised in a western German industrial town. The study is empirically based on a… read more
Herkenrath, Annette and Jochen Rehbein 2012 Pragmatic corpus analysis, exemplified by Turkish-German bilingual and monolingual dataMultilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis, Schmidt, Thomas and Kai Wörner (eds.), pp. 123–152 | Article
The paper presents a methodology for empirical multilingual data analysis that combines quantitative and qualitative research. The data is a bilingual Turkish-German and a monolingual Turkish corpus of spoken child language. The methodology proceeds in several steps: (1) description of transcribed… read more
Baumgarten, Nicole, Annette Herkenrath, Thomas Schmidt, Kai Wörner and Ludger Zeevaert 2007 Studying connectivity with the help of computer-readable corpora: Some exemplary analyses from modern and historical, written and spoken corporaConnectivity in Grammar and Discourse, Rehbein, Jochen, Christiane Hohenstein and Lukas Pietsch (eds.), pp. 259–289 | Article
This paper discusses methodological aspects of the use of electronic language corpora for the study of connectivity. We demonstrate how a corpus-based approach was used to investigate functional characteristics of coordinating elements in sentence- or utterance-initial position across different… read more
Herkenrath, Annette 2007 Discourse coordination in Turkish monolingual and Turkish-German bilingual children’s talk: işteConnectivity in Grammar and Discourse, Rehbein, Jochen, Christiane Hohenstein and Lukas Pietsch (eds.), pp. 291–325 | Article
The paper examines systematic uses of the linguistic expression işte in elicited narrative conversations of Turkish monolingual and Turkish-German bilingual children as well as of a few exemplary adult speakers. The theoretical framework is functional-pragmatic. The main hypothesis is that işte,… read more
Herkenrath, Annette, Birsel Karakoç and Jochen Rehbein 2003 Interrogative elements as subordinators in Turkish: Aspects of Turkish-German bilingual children’s language use(In)vulnerable Domains in Multilingualism, Müller, Natascha (ed.), pp. 221–269 | Article
This study has been conducted within the larger context of the project SKOBI and its research questions concerning the acquisition and development of linguistic connectivity in Turkish and German in bilingual children. The phenomenon analyzed is approached from the perspective of language typology,… read more