Anna-Lena Nilsson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anna-Lena Nilsson plays a role.



McKee, Rachel and Anna-Lena Nilsson 2022 Interpreters as agents of language planningUnpacking Sign Language Interpreting: Special issue of the Journal on Translation and Interpreting Studies 17:3 (2022), Haualand, Hilde, Maartje De Meulder and Jemina Napier (eds.), pp. 429–454
Sign language interpreters onstage at public and political events have recently become more visible in the linguistic landscapes of many countries. Accessibility principles and policy measures have gained traction internationally, and Deaf communities have also recently achieved formal recognition… read more | Article
This study describes how temporal discourse content is expressed in signing space in Swedish Sign Language (SSL) and identifies and describes the differences between L1- and L2-interpreters’ signed target language output. The study found that L1-interpreters systematically use complex simultaneous… read more | Article
Ferrara, Lindsay and Anna-Lena Nilsson 2017 Describing spatial layouts as an L2M2 signed language learnerSign Language & Linguistics 20:1, pp. 1–26
This study explores the L2M2 acquisition of Norwegian Sign Language by hearing adults, with a focus on the production and use of depicting signs. A group of students and their instructors were asked to respond to prompt questions about directions and locations in Norwegian Sign Language, and their… read more | Article
Nilsson, Anna-Lena 2007 The Non-Dominant Hand in a Swedish Sign Language DiscourseSimultaneity in Signed Languages: Form and function, Vermeerbergen, Myriam, Lorraine Leeson and Onno A. Crasborn (eds.), pp. 163–185
The object of this study is a sign glossed index-c, a point toward the signer’s chest, and its use in Swedish Sign Language. The sign has often been referred to as the first person pronoun of Swedish Sign Language, and it has been claimed that index-c is only used for non-first person reference in… read more | Article