Fiammetta Namer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Fiammetta Namer plays a role.


Hathout, Nabil and Fiammetta Namer 2014 Discrepancy between form and meaning 
in word-formation: The case of over- and under-marking in FrenchMorphology and Meaning: Selected papers from the 15th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2012, Rainer, Franz, Francesco Gardani, Hans Christian Luschützky and Wolfgang U. Dressler (eds.), pp. 177–190 | Article
Most word-formation theories assume that derivatives in general tend towards canonicity, i.e. one-to-one correspondence between form and meaning and thus full morphosemantic transparency. However, form-meaning mismatches actually are widespread, both in terms of languages and word-formation rules.… read more
Dal, Georgette and Fiammetta Namer 2010 French property nouns based on toponyms or ethnic adjectives: A case of base variationVariation and Change in Morphology: Selected papers from the 13th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2008, Rainer, Franz, Wolfgang U. Dressler, Dieter Kastovsky and Hans Christian Luschützky (eds.), pp. 53–74 | Article
We examine a case of base variation related to property noun formation, viz.-ité-suffixed French nouns expressing the character proper both to those who belong/are related to a place (town, country…) and/or to the place itself (henceforth Ethnic Property Nouns (EPNs)). The study is based on a… read more