James Emil Flege

List of John Benjamins publications for which James Emil Flege plays a role.


This study evaluated the effect of input variation on the production and perception of English phonetic segments by native Spanish adults who had immigrated to the United States after the age of 16 years. The native Spanish (NS) participants were assigned to three groups of 20 each according to… read more | Article
Mora, Joan Carles, James L. Keidel and James Emil Flege 2015 Effects of Spanish use on the production of Catalan vowels by early Spanish-Catalan bilingualsThe Phonetics–Phonology Interface: Representations and methodologies, Romero, Joaquín and María Riera (eds.), pp. 33–54
This study examined the production of Catalan vowels by 82 adults who had begun using both Spanish (S) and Catalan (C) at school age but differed in their self-reported percentage of Catalan use (11%=MostlyS, 40%=S/C, 63%=C/S, 86%=MostlyC). Bark-normalized Euclidean distances between the vowels… read more | Article
Flege, James Emil 2007 Biographical NoteLanguage Experience in Second Language Speech Learning: In honor of James Emil Flege, Bohn, Ocke-Schwen and Murray J. Munro (eds.), p. 
Flege, James Emil, Murray J. Munro and Ian R.A. MacKay 1996 Factors Affecting the Production of Word-initial Consonants in a Second LanguageSecond Language Acquisition and Linguistic Variation, Bayley, Robert and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 47 ff.