Joan Costa-Carreras

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The Architect of Modern Catalan: Selected writings

Pompeu Fabra (1868–1948)

[Not in series, 150] 2009. xxxii, 240 pp.
Subjects Language policy | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Costa-Carreras, Joan, Carla Amorós-Negre and Miquel Àngel Pradilla Cardona 2023 ‘Compositionality’ in comparative standardologyDesired Language: Languages as objects of national ideology, Feliu, Francesc (ed.), pp. 203–218 | Chapter
Our aim of establishing the theoretical basis for the study of comparative standardology among the Spanish languages makes a revision of the metalanguage used in language standardisation studies a previous and necessary task. As one of the basic notions in the history and comparison of the… read more
Costa-Carreras, Joan 2022 Chapter 6. Research on language codification: A general proposalCatalan Sociolinguistics: State of the art and future challenges, Pradilla Cardona, Miquel Àngel (ed.), pp. 67–91 | Chapter
In a previous work (Costa-Carreras 2016c: “La planificació de corpus sobre el català: bibliografia classificada i comentada”) I reviewed the research on Catalan normative grammar systematically. The present paper aims at updating this information, but previously it focuses on the concept of… read more
Badia (1994) presents his grammar as diastratic, by which he means the distribution of variants into three stylistic levels. This use moves him away from the tradition, in which diastratic means social dimension. Therefore an analysis of the references Badia provides has been done to find out… read more
This article presents a selection of the research undertaken as well as the classification of the functional distribution of phonetic, morphologic and syntactic variants in Gramàtica de la llengua catalana. Descriptiva, normativa, diatòpica, diastràtica, Antoni M. Badia i Margarit (1994). Although… read more
This presentation attempts to contribute to answering the question “In what sense is linguistics or grammar always prescriptive?” This contribution will be anchored in the statements of Bonet (1989) and Cuenca (2001), who clearly state that it is both description and prescription which finally… read more
Costa-Carreras, Joan 2009 1. General presentationThe Architect of Modern Catalan: Selected writings, Fabra, Pompeu (1868–1948), pp. 1–2 | Article
Costa-Carreras, Joan 2009 3. Pompeu Fabra: A life’s work in applied linguisticsThe Architect of Modern Catalan: Selected writings, Fabra, Pompeu (1868–1948), pp. 29–101 | Article
Costa-Carreras, Joan and Alan Yates 2009 2. The Catalan languageThe Architect of Modern Catalan: Selected writings, Fabra, Pompeu (1868–1948), pp. 3–28 | Article