Emmanuel Schang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Emmanuel Schang plays a role.


Petitjean, Simon and Emmanuel Schang 2018 Sentential negation and negative words in Guadeloupean CreoleNegation and Negative Concord: The view from Creoles, Déprez, Viviane and Fabiola Henri (eds.), pp. 11–32
This paper deals with negation in Guadeloupean Creole. We present the diversity of uses of negation in GC and detail the constraints on negative concord. We show that the different n-words exhibit a non-homogeneous behavior. Our analyses are couched in the Tree-Adjoining Grammar framework. read more | Chapter
Schang, Emmanuel 2012 Reduplication in São Tomense: Issues at the syntax-semantics interfaceThe Morphosyntax of Reiteration in Creole and Non-Creole Languages, Aboh, Enoch O., Norval Smith and Anne Zribi-Hertz (eds.), pp. 235–250
This paper studies lexical reduplication in São Tomense, a Portuguese-based Creole language. Its central claim is that lexical reduplication in São Tomense results from the external merge of the same lexical item in two structural slots available in independently-motivated syntactic structures: the… read more | Article