Sofia Bimpikou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sofia Bimpikou plays a role.


Bimpikou, Sofia, Emar Maier and Petra Hendriks 2021 The discourse structure of free indirect discourse reportsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2021, Dingemanse, Mark, Eva van Lier and Jorrig Vogels (eds.), pp. 21–39 | Article
We investigate the discourse structure of Free Indirect Discourse passages in narratives. We argue that Free Indirect Discourse reports consist of two separate propositional discourse units: an (explicit or implicit) frame segment and a reported content. These segments are connected at the level… read more
Vogels, Jorrig, Sofia Bimpikou, Owen Kapelle and Emar Maier 2021 Taking the perspective of narrative characters: A mouse-tracking study on the processing of ambiguous referring expressions in narrative discourseLinguistics in the Netherlands 2021, Dingemanse, Mark, Eva van Lier and Jorrig Vogels (eds.), pp. 144–162 | Article
An ongoing debate in the interpretation of referring expressions concerns the degree to which listeners make use of perspective information during referential processing. We aim to contribute to this debate by considering perspective shifting in narrative discourse. In a web-based mouse-tracking… read more
Bimpikou, Sofia 2016 Expressing generic and transitory opinions in Greek: A semantic analysis of the verbs theoro and vrisko Linguistics in the Netherlands 2016, Audring, Jenny and Sander Lestrade (eds.), pp. 14–27 | Article
This paper investigates the semantics of the Greek subjective attitude verbs vrisko (‘find’) and theoro (‘consider’). I present data from Greek where both verbs embed small clauses including evaluative adjectives (‘tasty’, ‘attractive’) and I develop a tentative analysis for each verb following… read more