Hayo Reinders

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Learner and Teacher Autonomy: Concepts, realities, and response

Edited by Terry Lamb and Hayo Reinders

[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 1] 2008. vii, 286 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


This study compared the effect of the timing of form-focused instruction (FFI) on the acquisition of the past counterfactual conditional (PCC) and framing expressions (FEs) for English questions. Sixty-three EFL adult learners received a total of six hours of isolated or integrated FFI on the… read more
Reinders, Hayo and Marilyn Lewis 2008 Materials evaluation and teacher autonomyLearner and Teacher Autonomy: Concepts, realities, and response, Lamb, Terry and Hayo Reinders (eds.), pp. 205–215 | Article
This chapter investigates the role of materials evaluation in developing teacher autonomy. Staff in a university self-access centre were asked to apply an evaluative framework written by the authors to a random selection of study materials in order to establish how appropriate the materials were… read more
Independent language learning is an essential complement to classroom-based learning, both for reasons of efficiency in learning and as a means to develop learner autonomy. In an effort to encourage out-of-class learning, many institutions in the last ten years have established language resource… read more