Kate Scott

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kate Scott plays a role.


Scott, Kate. 2021. Memes as multimodal metaphors: A relevance theory analysis. New Developments in Relevance Theory, Padilla Cruz, Manuel and Agnieszka Piskorska (eds.), pp. 277–298
In this article I analyse object labelling image macro internet memes as multimodal metaphors, taking the Distracted Boyfriend meme as a case study. Object labelling memes are multimodal texts in which users add labels to a stock photograph to convey messages that are often humorous or satirical in… read more | Article
Scott, Kate. 2021. Contrastive stress in English: Meaning, expectations and ostension. Beyond Meaning, Ifantidou, Elly, Louis de Saussure and Tim Wharton (eds.), pp. 29–42
In this chapter I consider where contrastive stress fits within the relevance-theoretic model of utterance interpretation. In particular, I focus on contrastive stress as a cue to ostension which layers on top of the ostensive act of producing an utterance and which guides inferential processes.… read more | Chapter
Writers often use typographical features such as capitalization, boldface or underlining to draw attention to particular words or phrases in a written text. In this article we use ideas from the relevance-theoretic pragmatic framework to discuss how use of typographical features may convey meaning… read more | Chapter
Scott, Kate. 2019. Chapter 5. Misleading and relevance in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Pragmatics and Literature, Chapman, Siobhan and Billy Clark (eds.), pp. 93–114