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In this paper, I document a degree-equative construction in contemporary Syrian Arabic. This construction is headed by the noun ʔadd meaning ‘size’ or ‘extent’, but I demonstrate extensive parallels in distribution between ʔadd and the comparative phrase aktar min ‘more than’. These parallels… read more | Chapter
This paper explores the distribution and interpretation of active and passive participles in contemporary Syrian Arabic. The fact that Syrian Arabic participles license objective Case suggests they are ‘verbal’ participles, i.e. verbs ‘disguised’ as adjectives. However, a detailed investigation… read more | Chapter
Hallman, Peter. 2002. 12. Passive in Arabic and English. Morphology 2000: Selected papers from the 9th Morphology Meeting, Vienna, 24–28 February 2000, Bendjaballah, Sabrina, Wolfgang U. Dressler, Oskar E. Pfeiffer and Maria D. Voeikova (eds.), pp. 149–160
Hallman, Peter. 1997. Reiterative syntax. Clitics, Pronouns and Movement, Black, James R. and Virginia Motapanyane (eds.), pp. 87 ff.