Shoko Hamano

List of John Benjamins publications for which Shoko Hamano plays a role.


Hamano, Shoko 2019 Chapter 3. Monosyllabic and disyllabic roots in the diachronic development of Japanese mimeticsIdeophones, Mimetics and Expressives, Akita, Kimi and Prashant Pardeshi (eds.), pp. 57–76 | Chapter
It has been demonstrated that the distinction between monosyllabic and disyllabic roots is critical in synchronic analyses of Japanese sound-symbolic vocabulary (also known as mimetics). This chapter demonstrates the relevance of this distinction for the diachronic development of Japanese mimetic… read more
Sugahara, Takashi and Shoko Hamano 2015 A corpus-based semantic analysis of Japanese mimetic verbsIconicity: East meets West, Hiraga, Masako K., William J. Herlofsky, Kazuko Shinohara and Kimi Akita (eds.), pp. 143–160 | Article
Based on corpus data, this paper explores the unique semantic properties of tuku-verbs, a class of mimetic verbs, in comparison to reduplicative suru-verbs, which have been shown to exhibit highly systematic properties. The paper demonstrates that tuku-verbs are semantically constrained as… read more
Dubinsky, Stanley and Shoko Hamano 2010 Framing the syntax of control in Japanese (and English)Movement Theory of Control, Hornstein, Norbert and Maria Polinsky (eds.), pp. 183–210 | Article
This chapter explores Control properties of adverbial clauses consisting of an accusative NP and a locative PP headed by ni, and presents evidence for an Obligatory Control (OC) analysis of this adverbial, showing that syntactic OC in Japanese is blocked in the presence of TP. These blocking… read more
Hamano, Shoko 1997 On Japanese Quantifier FloatingDirections in Functional Linguistics, Kamio, Akio (ed.), pp. 173 ff. | Article