Catherine J. Doughty

List of John Benjamins publications for which Catherine J. Doughty plays a role.


Doughty, Catherine J. 2021 The Long TBLT JourneyTASK 1:2, pp. 155–161 | Article
In this piece, I trace Task-Based Language Teaching from Mike Long’s original conceptualization in 1985, through his development of methodological principles that are based on SLA theory and empirical evidence he gathered for three and half decades, to two recent (2010, 2015) practical examples… read more
Linck, Jared A., Martyn Clark, Carrie L. Bonilla, Ewa Golonka, Catherine J. Doughty, TaraLee Mecham and William Burns 2020 Autonomous Portuguese L3 learning through an adaptive platformLinguistic Approaches to Portuguese as an Additional Language, Molsing, Karina Veronica, Cristina Becker Lopes Perna and Ana Maria Tramunt Ibaños (eds.), pp. 231–258 | Chapter
Despite increasing need for on-demand, autonomous language learning, difficult technical issues render this approach insufficient without a human in the loop (e.g., blended learning). In this chapter, we discuss how recent advances in human language technology (HLT), cognitive science, and second… read more
Doughty, Catherine J. 2013 Optimizing post-critical-period language learningSensitive periods, language aptitude, and ultimate L2 attainment, Granena, Gisela and Mike Long (eds.), pp. 153–176 | Article
This chapter reports on a new language aptitude test, the High-level Language Aptitude Battery (Hi-LAB), whose development was motivated by the need for an aptitude measure for more advanced L2 speakers. Since many language learners begin as adults, critical-period constraints work against the… read more
Vatz, Karen, Medha Tare, Scott R. Jackson and Catherine J. Doughty 2013 Aptitude-treatment interaction studies in second language acquisition: Findings and methodologySensitive periods, language aptitude, and ultimate L2 attainment, Granena, Gisela and Mike Long (eds.), pp. 273–292 | Article
Research in second language acquisition has long posited that learners’ individual differences affect ultimate attainment. This chapter reviews studies that examine how learners with differing cognitive aptitudes respond to instructional treatments. Most of these studies showed significant… read more
Pica, Teresa, Catherine J. Doughty and Richard Young 1986 Making Input Comprehensible: Do Interactional Modifications Help?ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 72, pp. 1–25 | Article
In view of the evidence that comprehensible input is necessary for language acquisition (Krashen 1980, 1982, Long 1981, 1983, 1985), this study compared the listening comprehension of NNSs' of English on directions to an assembly task given by a NS under two input conditions : (1) Syntactically… read more