Hisashi Masuda

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hisashi Masuda plays a role.


Joyce, Terry and Hisashi Masuda 2023 Chaos or system? Reassessing the unique case of the Japanese writing systemOn the Systematic Nature of Writing Systems, Mora-Marín, David F. and Lynne Cahill (eds.), pp. 57–75 | Article
This paper seeks to reassess the balance between chaos and systematicity within the Japanese writing system (JWS), which is noted for its complexity. As potential factors for chaos, Section 2 focuses on two important conventions. The first is the simultaneous use of multiple scripts as… read more
Joyce, Terry and Hisashi Masuda 2019 On the notions of graphematic representation and orthography from the perspective of the Japanese writing systemWriting Systems: Past, present (… and future?), Joyce, Terry and Robert Crellin (eds.), pp. 247–279 | Article
This paper addresses two closely related topics for understanding the highly fungible nature of written Japanese. The first is to consider the relative merits of the notions of graphematic representation and orthography with respect to the Japanese writing system (JWS). The second issue is to… read more
The general consensus among writing-systems researchers is that the Japanese writing system (JWS) is remarkably complex (Joyce, 2002a, 2011). This introductory chapter consists of two main parts that, respectively, provide an overview of the multi-script JWS and a selective review of… read more
This chapter reports on two experiments conducted to investigate the morphological activation of two-kanji compound words using the constituent-morpheme priming paradigm with a series of very-brief masked stimulus onset asynchronicity (SOA) conditions. In contrast to Experiment 1 where the… read more
Joyce, Terry, Bor Hodošček and Hisashi Masuda 2017 Constructing an ontology and database of Japanese lexical properties: Handling the orthographic complexity of the Japanese writing systemOrthographic Databases and Lexicons, Cahill, Lynne and Terry Joyce (eds.), pp. 27–51 | Article
As a significant milestone within ongoing efforts to construct a comprehensive database in the form of a lexical resource (LR) of Japanese Lexical Properties (JLP-LR), this paper outlines the initial construction of an Ontology of Japanese Lexical Properties (JLP-O) (Joyce & Hodošček 2014), and,… read more
Joyce, Terry, Hisashi Masuda and Taeko Ogawa 2014 Jōyō kanji as core building blocks of the Japanese writing system: Some observations from database constructionThe architecture of writing systems, Berg, Kristian, Franziska Buchmann and Nanna Fuhrhop (eds.), pp. 173–194 | Article
The architecture of writing systems metaphor has special relevance for understanding the structural nature of the Japanese writing system, and, more specifically, for appreciating how the 2,136 kanji of the 常用漢字表 /jō-yō-kan-ji-hyō/* ‘List of characters for general use’ function as the core… read more