Anna Bugaeva

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anna Bugaeva plays a role.


Bugaeva, Anna 2021 Chapter 7. Unspecified participant: A case of antipassive in AinuAntipassive: Typology, diachrony, and related constructions, Janic, Katarzyna and Alena Witzlack-Makarevich (eds.), pp. 213–246 | Chapter
This paper shows that there are two synchronically distinct i- markers in Ainu, viz. the derivational antipassive i- and inflectional ‘fourth’ person object i- with the functions of first person plural inclusive, second person honorific, and logophoric. The derivational antipassive marker i-… read more
Bugaeva, Anna 2017 Noun-modifying clause constructions in AinuNoun-Modifying Clause Constructions in Languages of Eurasia: Rethinking theoretical and geographical boundaries, Matsumoto, Yoshiko, Bernard Comrie and Peter Sells (eds.), pp. 203–250 | Article
The Ainu (Southern Hokkaido) relative clause construction is built on the model of the nominal attributive construction, while the noun-complement construction is based on that of the nominal possessive construction in which the head is marked with a possessive suffix. Also, relative and… read more
Bugaeva, Anna 2011 A diachronic study of the impersonal passive in AinuImpersonal Constructions: A cross-linguistic perspective, Malchukov, Andrej L. and Anna Siewierska (eds.), pp. 517–546 | Article
This paper provides a diachronic account for the impersonal passive in Ainu which is marked with a(n)= in Saru (Southwestern Hokkaido) and with a(n)= for 3sg/pl.o and ci= for 1sg/pl.o in Ishikari (Northeastern Hokkaido). I have argued that in spite of clearly impersonal origins, neither the a(n)=… read more
Bugaeva, Anna 2010 Ainu applicatives in typological perspectiveStudies in Language 34:4, pp. 749–801 | Article
This paper explores the polyfunctionality, grammaticalization, and typological relevance of applicatives in Ainu. Applicatives are derived by the valency-increasing prefixes which are generally defined here as instrumental e-, dative ko-, and locative o-. The referential range of the respective… read more
Bugaeva, Anna 2008 Speech report constructions in AinuSubordination and Coordination Strategies in North Asian Languages, Vajda, Edward J. (ed.), pp. 17–29 | Article
Alpatov, Vladimir M., Anna Bugaeva and Vladimir P. Nedjalkov 2007 42. Reciprocals and sociatives in AinuReciprocal Constructions, Nedjalkov, Vladimir P. (ed.), pp. 1751–1822 | Chapter