Jeanette King

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jeanette King plays a role.


King, Jeanette, Margaret Maclagan, Ray Harlow, Peter Keegan and Catherine I. Watson 2020 Prestige norms and sound change in MāoriStyles, Standards and Meaning in Lesser-Studied Languages, Horesh, Uri, Jonathan R. Kasstan and Miriam Meyerhoff (eds.), pp. 95–114 | Article
Māori, the threatened language of the indigenous people of New Zealand, has been undergoing revitalisation since the 1970s. The MAONZE project (Māori and New Zealand English) has studied sound change in Māori by comparing the speech of historical elders, present-day elders and young speakers. Here… read more
Meyerhoff, Miriam, Maya Ravindranath Abtahian, Roey J. Gafter, Uri Horesh, Jonathan R. Kasstan, Peter Keegan and Jeanette King 2020 Styles, standards and meaning: Issues in the globalisation of sociolinguisticsStyles, Standards and Meaning in Lesser-Studied Languages, Horesh, Uri, Jonathan R. Kasstan and Miriam Meyerhoff (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Introduction
Style, in the study of variation and change, is intimately linked with broader questions about linguistic innovation and change, standards, social norms, and individual speakers’ stances. This article examines style when applied to lesser-studied languages. Style is both (i) the product of… read more
Parents and prospective parents who speak a language other than English in New Zealand are in something of an information desert when it comes to how and why they might go about raising their children bilingually. While the official languages, Te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language, have… read more
Gruber, James, Jeanette King, Jen Hay and Lucy Johnston 2016 The hands, head, and brow: A sociolinguistic study of Māori gestureGesture 15:1, pp. 1–36 | Article
This paper examines the speech-accompanying gesture and other kinesic behaviour of bilingual English-Māori and monolingual English speakers in New Zealand. Physical expression has long been regarded a key component of Māori artistic and spoken performance, as well as in personal interactions. This… read more
King, Jeanette 2015 2. Metaphors we die by: change and vitality in MaoriLanguage Endangerment: Disappearing metaphors and shifting conceptualizations, Piirainen, Elisabeth and Ari Sherris (eds.), pp. 15–36 | Article
Accounts of metaphors of death from various languages and cultures typically report the use of euphemisms used to talk about death. In contrast euphemisms are not the main focus of metaphors of death in Māori. Indeed, the dead are a palpable presence to those living and are routinely acknowledged… read more
Harlow, Ray, Peter Keegan, Jeanette King, Margaret Maclagan and Catherine I. Watson 2009 5. The changing sound of the Māori languageVariation in Indigenous Minority Languages, Stanford, James N. and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 129–152 | Article
Māori is the indigenous language of New Zealand. Its increasingly close contact with English over the last 150 years led to its endangerment, though it is now subject to active revitalization efforts. This chapter reports on some results from the MAONZE (Māori and New Zealand English) Research… read more