Ivy K. Ho

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ivy K. Ho plays a role.


Turkey is the largest refugee host country in the world with about 3.5 million registered Syrian refugees. In this study, we explored intergroup relations between Syrian refugees and Turks in Turkey. We focused on how Turkish people perceived Syrian refugees in Turkey and how these two groups… read more
Ho, Ivy K., Tamara L. Newton and Allyssa McCabe 2020 The narrative structure of stressful interpersonal eventsNarrative Inquiry 30:1, pp. 1–17 | Article
Narrating personal experiences helps people make sense of them and contributes to improved well-being. However, little is known about how people recount stressful experiences that are interpersonal in nature. In this study, middle-aged North American women (N = 36), with lifetime histories of… read more