Wuxi Zheng

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wuxi Zheng plays a role.


Zheng, Wuxi 2024 Definite reference and discourse prominence in Longxi QiangPragmatics 34:2, pp. 293–318 | Article
This paper focuses on the uses of the definite marker -tì in Longxi Qiang, a Tibeto-Burman language. Although the selection of referring expressions made by speakers is based on referent accessibility or cognitive status, at the same time, referring expressions have pragmatic and interactive… read more
Zheng, Wuxi 2024 Person marking in Longxi QiangStudies in Language 48:1, pp. 228–251 | Article
In Longxi Qiang, a Tibeto-Burman language, the verb agreement system is not marking a syntactic function or semantic role. Previous studies of the Qiang language have argued that person markings reflect the person and number of the agent. My analysis based on a large amount of natural data,… read more
Zheng, Wuxi 2019 Negation in Longxi QiangLanguage and Linguistics 20:4, pp. 660–694 | Article
Negation in Longxi Qiang shows distinctive features in comparison to other recorded Qiang varieties. The choice between the two negative prefixes /mí-/ and /mì-/ and the volition indicated by these two negative markers in Longxi Qiang are similar to those of negators pu31 and mei55 in… read more