Andrey Filchenko

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andrey Filchenko plays a role.



Filchenko, Andrey 2017 Chapter 15. The ‘essive’ in Eastern KhantyUralic Essive and the Expression of Impermanent State, Groot, Casper de (ed.), pp. 353–377 | Chapter
This chapter presents a corpus-based research, supplemented by elicitation with the last speakers, into the distribution of a marker referred to as the ‘translative’ in Eastern Khanty. The description of the properties of this marker follows the linguistic questionnaire that captures the contexts… read more
Filchenko, Andrey 2015 Negation in Eastern KhantyNegation in Uralic Languages, Miestamo, Matti, Anne Tamm and Beáta Wagner-Nagy (eds.), pp. 159–190 | Article
The paper explores negation in the eastern-most Khanty dialects with less than a dozen elderly speakers remaining. The analysis stems from extended fieldwork experience and legacy data reviews.* The main purpose is to discuss the key morphosyntactic, semantic and pragmatic features of negation… read more
Filchenko, Andrey 2012 Continuity of information structuring strategies in Eastern Khanty: Definiteness/topicalityArgument Structure and Grammatical Relations: A crosslinguistic typology, Suihkonen, Pirkko, Bernard Comrie and Valery Solovyev (eds.), pp. 115–132 | Article
The paper addresses the issue of cohesive units in language at the level of grammatical inventory. Based on analysis of discourse-pragmatic functions and propositional-semantic content, I illustrate the continuity in formal morphosyntactic means available in the system that are used for… read more