Katharina Hartmann

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Cleft Structures

Edited by Katharina Hartmann and Tonjes Veenstra

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 208] 2013. viii, 348 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Generative linguistics | Phonology | Semantics | Syntax


Hartmann, Katharina 2013 Prosodic constraints on extraposition 
in GermanRightward Movement in a Comparative Perspective, Webelhuth, Gert, Manfred Sailer and Heike Walker (eds.), pp. 439–472
This article contributes to a better understanding of the syntax-phonology interface. It offers a prosodic trigger for extraposition which accounts for the following asymmetry: While extraposition of subject, adjunct and attributive clauses is optional in German, object clauses must appear in the… read more | Article
Hartmann, Katharina and Tonjes Veenstra 2013 IntroductionCleft Structures, Hartmann, Katharina and Tonjes Veenstra (eds.), pp. 1–32
Hartmann, Katharina and Malte Zimmermann 2007 In place — out of place? Focus strategies in HausaOn Information Structure, Meaning and Form: Generalizations across languages, Schwabe, Kerstin and Susanne Winkler (eds.), pp. 365–403
Hartmann, Katharina 2003 Background matching in right node raising constructionsThe Interfaces: Deriving and interpreting omitted structures, Schwabe, Kerstin and Susanne Winkler (eds.), pp. 121–151
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