Evershed Kwasi Amuzu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Evershed Kwasi Amuzu plays a role.


Amuzu, Evershed Kwasi, Akua Campbell and Seth Ofori 2020 “That’s not my understanding”: Interpretation in the Ghanaian multilingual courtLanguage and Dialogue 10:3, pp. 389–421 | Article
This study investigates the extent to which mostly untrained interpreters render accurately the voices of participants in Ghanaian district courts, and how the participants orient to shortcomings in the interpretations. Based on 7.5 hours of audio-recordings, we found that 91% of interpretations… read more
Berg, Margot van den, Evershed Kwasi Amuzu, Komlan Essizewa, Elvis Yevudey and Kamaïloudini Tagba 2017 Crosslinguistic effects in adjectivization strategies in Suriname, Ghana and TogoLanguage Contact in Africa and the African Diaspora in the Americas: In honor of John V. Singler, Cutler, Cecelia, Zvjezdana Vrzić and Philipp Angermeyer (eds.), pp. 343–362 | Chapter
Our paper seeks to honor John Singler’s longstanding contribution to the field of Pidgin and Creole studies by doing a comparison of outcomes of language contact under different social circumstances in the past and the present, in order to contribute to a better understanding of the interaction… read more