Giovanni Rossi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Giovanni Rossi plays a role.


Zinken, Jörg, Giovanni Rossi and Vasudevi Reddy. 2020. Chapter 10. Doing more than expected: Thanking recognizes another’s agency in providing assistance. Mobilizing Others: Grammar and lexis within larger activities, Taleghani-Nikazm, Carmen, Emma Betz and Peter Golato (eds.), pp. 253–278
In informal interaction, speakers rarely thank a person who has complied with a request. Examining data from British English, German, Italian, Polish, and Telugu, we ask when speakers do thank after compliance. The results show that thanking treats the other’s assistance as going beyond what could… read more | Chapter
Rossi, Giovanni. 2017. Chapter 4. Secondary and deviant uses of the imperative for requesting in Italian. Imperative Turns at Talk: The design of directives in action, Sorjonen, Marja-Leena, Liisa Raevaara and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (eds.), pp. 103–137
The use of the imperative for requesting has been mostly explained on the basis of estimations of social distance, relative power, and entitlement. More recent research, however, has identified other selection factors to do with the functional and sequential relation of the action requested to the… read more | Chapter
Rossi, Giovanni. 2014. When do people not use language to make requests?. Requesting in Social Interaction, Drew, Paul and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (eds.), pp. 303–334
In everyday joint activities (e.g. playing cards, preparing potatoes, collecting empty plates), participants often request others to pass, move or otherwise deploy objects. In order to get these objects to or from the requestee, requesters need to manipulate them, for example by holding them out,… read more | Article