Sophia Waters

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Cultural Keywords in Discourse

Edited by Carsten Levisen and Sophia Waters

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 277] 2017. ix, 249 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Levisen, Carsten and Sophia Waters 2017 Chapter 10. An invitation to keyword studies: Guidance for future researchCultural Keywords in Discourse, Levisen, Carsten and Sophia Waters (eds.), pp. 235–242 | Chapter
Levisen, Carsten and Sophia Waters 2017 Chapter 1. How words do things with peopleCultural Keywords in Discourse, Levisen, Carsten and Sophia Waters (eds.), pp. 1–23 | Chapter
Waters, Sophia 2017 Chapter 2. Nice as a cultural keyword: The semantics behind Australian discourses of socialityCultural Keywords in Discourse, Levisen, Carsten and Sophia Waters (eds.), pp. 25–54 | Chapter
This chapter investigates the English word nice as a cultural keyword, around which sociality discourses revolve. Focusing on its semantic scope in Australian discourse, the keyword nice has an important story to tell about socially accepted and approved ways of thinking, communicating and behaving. read more
Levisen, Carsten and Sophia Waters 2015 Lige, a Danish ‘magic word’? An ethnopragmatic analysisLanguage and Cultural Values: Adventures in applied ethnolinguistics, Peeters, Bert (ed.), pp. 244–268 | Article
The Danish word lige [ˈliːə] is a highly culture-specific discourse particle. English translations sometimes render it as “please,” but this kind of functional translation is motivated solely by the expectation that, in English, one has to ‘say please’. In the Danish universe of meaning, there is… read more